The KI5808 tote bag in recycled cotton from the K-Loop Project

KARIBAN BRANDS’ K-Loop Project is part of a rigorous circular economy approach.

Optimal traceability to the end consumer, thanks to a system of electronic chips.

Bag recycled according to best practice and contributing to sustainable fashion.

Composition: 75% recycled cotton / 25% recycled polyester

This bag is part of the “K-Loop” Project. With this project, Kimood is closing the circular economy loop in the strict sense of the word. The cotton used comes from waste generated in the production of cotton t-shirts for the Kariban brand, from the KARIBAN BRANDS family. The added polyester comes from recycled plastic bottles.

During the recycling process, we add tracers to the thread, i.e. electronic chips containing a blockchain (storage and information transmission technology) which stores all the operations carried out on the thread. With the AWARE tracer technology, Kimood thus allows the end consumer to monitor the entire production process with the guarantee of a product recycled according to best practice, with no possible modifications during the process.

KI5808’s digital passport

Each garment is accompanied by its digital passport contained in the blockchain codes to guarantee and certify the origin of the recycled materials.